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Small businesses fuel our economy, and their resilience is key.  To tackle the rise of small business tax debt, the Australian Government has introduced the small business restructuring process, which offers a lifeline to struggling small businesses, enabling them to keep their doors open and create a plan to reduce their debts

The AusGov small business restructuring (SBR) process

Eligibility Application

Speak with our team of Small Business Specialist’s to learn about Small Business Restructuring, and assess your eligibility for the process.

Restructuring Practitioner

Now that you're eligible, we'll request some supporting documents and connect you with an Olvera First SBR Practitioner.

Prepare Plan

Our SBR Practitioner works with you, your accountant and the business to build the right plan for you and the creditors.

Plan Approval

Once agreed, the Practitioner submits 
your plan to creditors for approval.

Plan Execution

The plan is carried out, debts paid and / or repayments commenced, and you continue to run your business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) defines a small business as a business employing fewer than 20 people. Categories of small businesses include:

  • Micro-businesses – these businesses employ between 1 and 4 people. This category includes non-employing businesses.
  • Other small businesses – these businesses employ between 5 and 19 employees.

A company is insolvent when it is not able to pay all the company’s debts when they become payable.

Warning signs that a company is insolvent include

  • accruing losses
  • cashflow difficulties,
  • overdue taxes and lodgments
  • legal issues
  • difficulty gaining access to new credit

To be eligible, your business must:

  • Be a company (Not a sole trader)
  • Have less than $1m in debt

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Voluntary administration vs AusGov small business restructuring

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