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Making small business a priority

Is your business struggling to stay afloat?

Are you overwhelmed by payment pressure from suppliers?

Small Business Restructuring

If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, the small business restructuring process is your lifeline.

The process is simple and is designed to give you greater time without payment pressure from suppliers and allow you to focus on your own business to make sure it survives.

Small business restructuring will allow you to remain in control of your business while we work with you to develop a restructuring plan – meaning your business can continue to trade, keep the doors open and employ staff.

To make things even simpler we’ve created the Olvera First programme which streamlines the process so that it is as easy and convenient as possible.

Is your business Eligible?

Take our eligibility test to see if your business qualifies for small business restructuring.


Still have questions?

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